Vinci Hair Clinic Washington DC

Where can I find hair loss specialists in Washington DC?

Which is the best hair restoration clinic in the Washington DC area?

Where can I get hair loss treatments like SMP scalp pigmentation or hair transplants in Washington DC?


As leaders in the hair restoration field, with an international reputation for excellence, Vinci Hair Clinic frequently hears from men and women who are looking for hair loss treatment in Washington DC.  If you are looking for a hair loss specialist in Washington DC, our scalp micropigmentation clinic in New York is your nearest Vinci Hair Clinic. Hair loss clinic clients coming from Washington DC find that travel connections between the cities are very convenient, with direct flights of approximately 1 hour 20 minutes offering the quickest option.

Washington DC hair loss clients attending our New York micro scalp pigmentation centre will find a professional and welcoming setting where they can learn about the hair restoration treatments offered by Vinci Hair Clinic. We are specialists in treating hair loss caused by male pattern balding and receding hairline, alopecia, and scars left by old hair transplants, offering the most realistic hair restoration solutions available today.

Scalp micropigmentation, sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo or scalp tattoo, is one of our star treatments. Our non-invasive and permanent scalp pigmentation technique has been developed by Vinci Hair Clinic experts to allow us to disguise bald areas and create the look of short shaved hair growth.

If you are considering hair restoration surgery in Washington DC, we suggest that you attend Vinci Hair Clinic New York for free, no-obligation consultation. Your consultation is the perfect time to discover what Vinci Hair Clinic can do for you. Your consultant will evaluate your hair loss condition, and provide personalised advice on the best hair restoration treatment for you.


Take your first step towards confidence-boosting hair restoration now, and arrange your consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic by calling 1 844 948 4624 or completing our online contact form.