Vinci Hair Clinics Sacramento

Vinci Hair Clinic has become increasingly aware that many people seeking hair loss treatment in Sacramento, thanks to the many enquiries we receive at our scalp micropigmentation centres. For numerous men and women in Sacramento, hair loss from male pattern balding, alopecia, damage from styling and scars from old hair transplants causes distress and anxiety, and if you are one of them, we can help.


Common questions that Vinci Hair Clinic hears from those looking for hair restoration in Sacramento, California, include “Where can I get a diagnosis from a hair loss doctor in Sacramento?”, “Which is the best hair replacement specialist in Sacramento, Ca?” and “ Where can I get information on hair transplant and scalp micropigmentation in Sacramento?”. If you have similar Sacramento hair loss clinic questions, Vinci Hair Clinic would be delighted to provide the answers you need.

Internationally renown for our expertise in hair loss and our pioneering hair restoration procedures including hair transplants and scalp pigmentation, Vinci Hair Clinic has locations in over 13 countries. The good news for those seeking male or female hair loss treatment in Sacramento is that we have four easily accessible micro scalp pigmentation clinics in the United States, in Houston, Chicago, New York and Miami. For the majority of those travelling to Vinci Hair Clinic from Sacramento, our Houston SMP scalp tattoo centre is generally most convenient. Many Sacramento hair loss sufferers are already enjoying the natural looking results of their treatment with Vinci Hair Clinic, and we would be honoured to add your name to our list of satisfied clients.

If you are considering hair transplants or scalp micropigmentation hair restoration in Sacramento, California, making the right decision about your treatment means that you need expert information and personalised advice. This is why we welcome Sacramento based hair loss sufferers to visit Vinci Hair Clinic for a free, no-obligation  hair restoration consultation. Sacramento hair loss sufferers attending a Vinci Hair Clinic consultation will have their condition evaluated and their consultant will make custom treatment recommendations.


To arrange your confidential consultation and start your hair restoration journey, contact the friendly Vinci Hair Clinic team by calling 1 844 948 4624 or completing our online contact form.