Vinci Hair Clinics Portland

Where can I find a hair loss specialist in Portland, Oregon?

What are my options for hair restoration in Portland?

Where can I get hair transplants or scalp micropigmentation in Portland?


Since the expansion of the Vinci Hair Clinic network into the United States, we have become aware of many sufferers of male and female hair loss in Portland, Oregon who have questions like those listed above. If you have questions about hair loss clinics in Portland, or are considering Portland hair restoration, Vinci Hair Clinic would be happy to help and offer personalised advice.

Continuing our international success story, Vinci Hair Clinic has four locations within the United States, in Chicago, Miami, New York and Houston. For those looking for a hair loss doctor in Portland, Or, our scalp micropigmentation clinics in Chicago and Houston are nearest to you. All of our SMP scalp pigmentation clinics have great city centre locations, and are easy to find with excellent transport links available. For example, Portland hair loss clients can travel by air from the city to Chicago or Houston within a few hours.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we are proud to be innovators and leaders in hair restoration. We have already found hair restoration solutions for thousands of men and women around the world, using our pioneering techniques to treat male pattern baldness, thinning hairline, alopecia and scars caused by old hair transplants. Portland hair loss sufferers who come to Vinci Hair Clinic will be offered advice on our range of hair restoration treatments, from FUT/FUE hair transplants to our famous micro scalp pigmentation (hair tattoo).

If you are looking for advice from hair loss doctors in Portland, Oregon, or are considering undergoing a treatment like MSP scalp tattoo in Portland, a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic’s expert team is exactly what you need. Free of charge and with no obligation, our consultations include hair loss analysis and customised hair restoration recommendations.


Take the first step on your journey to hair restoration and book your private consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic by calling 1 844 948 4624 or completing our online contact form.