Vinci Hair Clinics Minneapolis

Are you looking for a hair loss clinic in Minneapolis, MN? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many men and women seeking hair loss treatment in Minneapolis contact us at Vinci Hair Clinic for information, and we are happy to offer advice on all aspects of hair restoration, from scalp micropigmentation to hair transplants.


The Vinci Hair Clinic success story began with our London Harley Street surgery, and has continued as our network of hair loss specialists has expanded around the world. Though we do not have a hair restoration clinic in Minneapolis, Vinci Hair Clinic have responded to the increasing demand for our services by opening United States scalp pigmentation centres in Chicago, Houston, New York and Miami. Minneapolis hair loss sufferers coming to Vinci Hair Clinic tend to find our Chicago micro scalp pigmentation clinic to be the most convenient. There are excellent transport links between the cities, with direct flights of around 1.5 hours available.

Those attending Vinci Hair Clinic from Minneapolis will enjoy the highest quality treatment and care at every stage of their hair restoration journey. All of our hair loss clinics are staffed by experienced and friendly teams who take your hair loss as seriously as you do. We maintain stringent standards and have become renown as pioneers in hair restoration, with our hair transplants and scalp pigmentation procedures helping to restore appearance and self-esteem for thousands of clients. Our MSP scalp tattoo is particularly popular with Minneapolis hair loss sufferers, and has revolutionised hair replacement in Minneapolis and around the world. Vinci Hair Clinic scalp pigmentation combines exclusive pigments with skilful application in a non-invasive technique which results in an outstanding natural look.

If you are considering hair transplants or SMP scalp pigmentation in Minneapolis, a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic is the perfect way to find out answers to all of your questions and ensure you make the right decision for you. Our free, no-obligation consultations always include a personal hair loss evaluation and recommendations for treatment based on your personal hair restoration goals.


To book your consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic, call us on 1 844 948 4624 or complete our online contact form.