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If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above questions, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We are an international network of specialist hair loss treatment centres and regularly hear from sufferers of male and female hair loss in the Fresno area who are thinking about hair loss treatment. It is natural for anyone considering a hair transplant or scalp pigmentation hair tattoo in Fresno to have many questions and concerns. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we set out to answer your hair loss questions honestly and professionally, helping you to choose the best hair restoration clinic and procedure for your specific needs.

Vinci Hair Clinic are the leaders in hair restoration, and have already experienced global success with a long list of satisfied SMP scalp pigmentation and hair transplant clients across the globe. Following increasing demand for our hair restoration treatments, we have brought our expert services to the United States with four micro scalp pigmentation clinics in Houston, Chicago, New York and Miami. For those seeking a hair loss specialist in Fresno, Vinci Hair Clinic in Houston is generally the most convenient option. Good travel connections are available for those coming to our scalp pigmentation centre from Fresno, with one option including a direct flight of around 3.5 hours.

If you suffer from male pattern baldness, alopecia, damage from styling or scars on the scalp from old hair transplants, Vinci Hair Clinic’s of the art solutions can transform your appearance. Our scalp micropigmentation treatment has become one of the most popular options, with many Fresno hair loss clients already enjoying the results of their Vinci Hair Clinic procedure.

If you are thinking about getting hair transplants or micro scalp pigmentation in Fresno, why not join us at Vinci Hair Clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation? We provide a thorough evaluation of your hair loss condition, along with personalised advice for the most suitable treatment options for you.


Start your hair restoration journey today and arrange your consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic by calling 1 844 948 4624 or completing our online contact form.