Vinci Hair Clinics Detroit

Vinci Hair Clinic are pioneers and world-leaders in hair restoration treatment. Our aim is to make our services available to as many hair loss sufferers as possible, with an ever-expanding global network of hair clinics, including four locations in the United States : Houston, Miami, New York and Chicago. Our reputation for unsurpassed quality has led to an increasing number of queries from people looking for hair loss doctors in Detroit, Michigan.

Among the calls and emails that we receive from those seeking hair loss treatment in Detroit are many questions. Men and women with concerns ranging from male pattern baldness and alopecia to scarring from hair transplants ask us “Which is the best hair loss clinic in Detroit?”, “Where can I get scalp micropigmentation (scalp tattoo) in Detroit?” and “Is there a Vinci Hair Clinic hair restoration center in Detroit?”. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we are always happy to help with your questions about hair loss and provide advice on our range of services which include scalp pigmentation, FUE and FUT hair transplant, and other non-surgical hair restoration options.

If you are looking for information about hair loss treatment in Detroit, we recommend that you book a free and no-obligation consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic. As mentioned, we have hair restoration centers in Houston, Miami, New York and Chicago. For those coming to Vinci Hair Clinic from the Detroit area, our Houston hair loss clinic is a particularly convenient option. All of our hair loss clinics have accessible city center locations with good transport connections, and clients coming from Detroit can select the clinic of their preference.


We understand that while searching for hair loss clinics in Detroit, you may have come across hair replacement clinics in Detroit offering similar sounding services to our scalp micropigmentation. In fact, Vinci Hair Clinic approach is unique, attaining the most natural looking hair transformation results for our clients.

To arrange your confidential consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic, call us today on 1 844 948 4624, or complete our online contact form.