Vinci Hair Clinics Cleveland

Which hair loss clinics in Cleveland, Ohio are best?

Where can I find a hair loss specialist in Cleveland?

Where can I get hair transplants or scalp pigmentation in Cleveland?

If you have been asking questions like the ones above about hair restoration in Cleveland, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We are an international network of expert hair loss clinics, dedicated to the treatment of male pattern balding, alopecia and scars on the scalp caused by old hair transplants. We can answer all your queries about hair loss in Cleveland and help you to decide on the best hair restoration treatment for you.

Vinci Hair Clinic has four MSP micro scalp pigmentation clinics in the United States : Chicago, Houston, New York and Miami. For those looking for a hair loss doctor in Cleveland, our scalp pigmentation clinic in Chicago is the closest and most convenient option. Of course, Cleveland hair loss sufferers wishing to attend another Vinci Hair Clinic location are welcome to do so.


For Cleveland hair loss sufferers and those coming to us from elsewhere, Vinci Hair Clinic offers the most innovative hair restoration treatments available. We have developed our FUT/FUT hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation treatments to offer superb natural-looking results, with thousands of satisfied clients across the globe. Scalp micropigmentation is proving to be a particularly popular treatment – we use an exclusive technique and unique pigments to create the illusion of short shaved hair growth to disguise balding areas.

If you have been looking for advice on hair restoration in Cleveland, Ohio, why not come to Vinci Hair Clinic for a free and no obligation consultation with our specialist team? We provide a complete evaluation of your hair loss along with personalised hair restoration advice.


To arrange your confidential consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic call us on 1 844 948 4624 or complete our online contact form.