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Which is the best hair loss doctor in Boston, Ma?

How can I find out about Boston hair restoration costs?

Where can I get hair transplants or scalp micropigmentation in Boston?


These questions are a sample of the enquiries that Vinci Hair Clinic receive from male and female hair loss sufferers who are considering hair restoration treatment in Boston. Vinci Hair Clinic are recognised as leaders and pioneers in the treatment of male pattern baldness, alopecia, damage from harsh styling and scars from old hair transplants, so it is natural that those losing hair in Boston turn to us for advice.

In answer to the increasing demand for hair restoration treatment, in particular SMP scalp micropigmentation, the Vinci Hair Clinic international network of hair loss specialists includes four locations in the United States. Our scalp pigmentation clinics in New York, Chicago, Miami and Houston are well-equipped and staffed by experts in the treatment of hair loss. For those seeking hair loss doctors in Boston or nearby, Vinci Hair Clinic in New York is generally the most convenient choice, with good travel connections available.

Vinci Hair Clinic is proud to offer a choice of hair restoration treatments to Boston hair loss sufferers. Our FUT/FUE hair transplants and scalp pigmentation techniques combine technical and medical expertise to provide unsurpassed, realistic looking results. MSP micro scalp pigmentation is proving to be one of our most popular treatments, with many Boston hair loss sufferers opting for this advanced, non-invasive procedure.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers a free, no-obligation consultation to anyone who is considering hair restoration treatment in Boston or elsewhere in the USA. Our thorough consultations allow our hair loss experts to examine your condition and make personalised recommendations for your hair restoration treatment.


To start your journey to hair restoration and a confident, rejuvenated look, book your confidential consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic by calling 1 844 948 4624 or completing our online contact form. We look forward to adding you to the ever-growing list of Boston hair loss clients who are already enjoying the results of their treatment with Vinci Hair Clinic.