Vinci Hair Clinics Austin

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we have become aware of a large number of men and women seeking hair replacement advice and hair restoration surgery in Austin, Tx. We have prepared this page to answer many of the frequently asked questions that we receive from Austin based clients. Common enquiries include “Which is the best hair loss clinic in Austin, Tx?”, “How can I find out about scalp micro pigmentation costs in Austin?” and “Where can I get a consultation for hair replacement in Austin?”.


Vinci Hair Clinics specialise in the treatment of balding, hair thinning, alopecia and scarring to the scalp from old hair transplants. Austin based hair loss sufferers seeking a hair restoration solution will be happy to know that their local Vinci Hair Clinic is just 2.5 hours away. According to growing demand for our hair restoration treatments, we have extended our international network of clinics within the USA to include Houston, Miami, New York and Chicago.

For those looking for a hair loss specialist in Austin, our Houston Texas hair clinic is a convenient choice. Houston is well-connected to Austin by private and public transport options, and those coming to our hair restoration clinic from Austin find it to be very accessible. Those from Austin, and indeed anywhere else, will be assured to know that Vinci Hair Clinic are world leaders in hair loss treatment. We offer a wider range of hair restoration services than any other clinic, including scalp micro pigmentation (hair tattoo) and FUE/FUT hair transplant (hair graft).

We invite anyone seeking hair loss treatment in Austin to visit Vinci Hair Clinic for a full, confidential consultation. Our free, no-obligation hair loss consultations give you the chance to discover exactly how scalp micro pigmentation, hair transplant and other hair restoration treatments could change your appearance and life.


If you have questions about hair replacement in Austin, Tx, let Vinci Hair Clinic help. To arrange your personal consultation at our Houston hair loss center, call us on 1 844 948 4624 or complete our online contact form.