Vinci Hair Clinics Swansea

If you are searching for a hair loss clinic in Swansea, Vinci Hair Clinic are here to help. We have receive many questions each week from those seeking hair restoration treatment in Swansea. Clients ask us “Where can I find a private hair loss specialist in Swansea?” or “How can I find out about hair transplant costs in Swansea?”. If you have reached this page, it is likely that you are looking for answers to similar questions about hair loss clinics in Swansea.


Vinci Hair Clinics are an international network of hair loss specialists and we have hair clinics throughout the UK. Our nearest hair loss clinic to Swansea is Vinci Bristol.  Many clients attend our Bristol hair loss clinic from Swansea and the South Wales region, finding the location convenient and accessible. Travel options for those coming from Swansea to our hair clinic include train, bus or car, with the journey taking approximately 2 hours.

We invite those from Swansea to visit our Vinci Hair Clinic in Bristol for a complete hair restoration consultation with our specialist team. Vinci Hair Clinic are renown as experts in the hair loss field and we offer more solutions than any other clinic. From our Bristol hair clinic, we have already given a long list of clients from Swansea hair restoration advice for treatment of balding, hair thinning, alopecia and scarring. By offering personalised hair restoration advice and unique, innovative treatment options we have received excellent reviews from Swansea hair loss clients at our Bristol hair clinic.

Whether you are looking for the best private hair loss clinic in Swansea or want to find out more about hair transplant costs and scalp micro pigmentation, Vinci Hair Clinic are pleased to offer advice. To arrange your free and confidential hair restoration consultation, call Vinci Hair Clinic Bristol on 020 300 494 84 or complete our online contact form.