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Where can I get a consultation with a hair loss specialist near Sunderland?

Can I get a hair transplant in Sunderland?

Which is the best hair restoration clinic in Sunderland?

Vinci Hair Clinic often receives these questions and similar ones from men and women looking for hair loss treatment in Sunderland. We are an international network of hair restoration experts and offer pioneering treatments for hair loss conditions such as male pattern balding, thinning hairline, alopecia and scarring of the scalp. We recommend that those who are looking for a private hair loss specialist in Sunderland arrange a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic.


Vinci Hair Clinic does not currently have a hair loss specialist in Sunderland itself. Clients wishing to attend Vinci Hair Clinic from Sunderland generally find that our Leeds hair loss treatment centre is the most convenient for their needs. Sunderland is under 2 hours train ride from Vinci Hair Clinic Leeds, and the same journey will take approximately 90 minutes by car. Our Leeds hair restoration clinic is centrally located and easy to find, with a comfortable and welcoming ambience.

Hair Loss Consultations Sunderland

If you are based in Sunderland, Vinci Hair Clinic’s Leeds hair loss centre is the ideal place to attend a free and no-obligation consultation. Your confidential consultation will include evaluation of your hair loss condition and a custom designed hair restoration treatment plan. Some of the treatments that Vinci Hair Clinics offer are scalp micropigmentation, FUE and FUT hair transplants and Vinci Max. We do not perform scalp micropigmentation or hair transplants in Sunderland, however our specialist hair loss team in Leeds can advise on all of these procedures and arrange your treatment.

To arrange your hair restoration consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic in Leeds, call 020 300 494 84 or complete our online contact form.