Vinci Hair Clinics Sheffield

Are you searching for information on FUE/FUT hair transplants in Sheffield? Would you like to learn how scalp micropigmentation has improved the appearance of boosted the confidence of many hair loss sufferers in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire region? At Vinci Hair Clinic, we can answer all your hair restoration questions. Although we do not currently have a hair loss clinic in Sheffield UK, we do operate two hair restoration clinics within accessible distance of the city.

If you are looking for the advice and treatment from best hair loss clinic in the Sheffield area, we recommend that you arrange a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic. Sheffield hair loss clients usually find it most convenient to meet with our hair restoration experts at our hair loss treatment centre in Leeds or at our scalp micro pigmentation clinic in Manchester. Travelling from Sheffield to our hair clinic in Manchester will take around an hour and twenty minutes by car or by train. Meanwhile, our Leeds hair restoration clinic is around an hour’s drive or train journey from Sheffield.


At Vinci Hair Clinics, we pride ourselves on being international specialists in hair restoration therapy. We have hair loss treatment centres throughout the UK, so that wherever you live, one of our Vinci Hair Clinics will not be too far away. Our hair loss clinics in Manchester and Leeds offer a convenient option for clients looking for information and advice on hair transplant procedures in Sheffield and North East England. We offer a complete range of hair restoration treatments including scalp micropigmentation (SMP), FUE and FUT hair transplants, eyebrow transplants as well as other procedures.

To arrange your free and no obligation consultation with Vinci Hair Clinics hair restoration clinics in Leeds or Manchester, fill out our online contact form or call us on 020 300 494 84.