Vinci Hair Clinics Leicester

Many of our Midland’s based Vinci Hair Clinic clients find us while searching for information about private hair loss clinics in Leicester. Vinci Hair Clinic is a group of hair restoration specialists offering our diverse range of hair loss treatments from clinics throughout the UK, Europe, USA an beyond.

If you are searching for a hair loss clinic in Leicester, or would like to know about getting a hair transplant in Leicester, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We do not currently have a hair loss treatment centre in Leicester, however our nearest private hair loss centre is very close by, in Birmingham.

For hair clinic clients from Leicester, our Birmingham hair loss clinic is very convenient. Vinci Hair Clinic Birmingham is about an hour away from Leicester by car or train. The train service between the two cities is frequent, and Birmingham train station is only a short walk away from our private hair loss centre.


Vinci Hair Clinic in Birmingham offers all clients a free and confidential hair restoration consultation. This is a perfect opportunity to discover the advantages of our state of the art procedures, such as scalp micropigmentation, FUE hair transplants, FUT hair transplants and Vinci Max.

Although there are some Leicester hair clinics that offer similar sounding treatments, Vinci Hair Clinics take a distinct and unique approach to your care, and our procedures are the best available. During your consultation, our highly skilled Vinci hair restoration technicians in Birmingham will analyse your hair loss using the Digital Pro-Scope, and develop a customised treatment plan. Whether you are suffering from baldness, alopecia, patchiness, thinning hair line or scarring to the scalp, Vinci Hair Clinics will find the right solution for you.

A hair restoration consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic is the first step on your journey to a confident new look. If you live in Leicester and need advice on hair loss, hair transplants or scalp micropigmentation, why not arrange your appointment today. Call our hair loss treatment centre in Birmingham on 020 300 494 84, or complete our online contact form.