Vinci Hair Clinics Coventry

Where can I find a hair loss clinic in Coventry?

Which is the best hair clinic for hair transplants in Coventry?

How can I get information about scalp micropigmentation in Coventry?


These are three of the most common questions that Vinci Hair Clinic hears from hair loss sufferers living in Coventry and the West Midlands region. We do not currently have a hair restoration centre in Coventry, however our Birmingham hair clinic is only 19 miles away from the city. This ensures that anyone who is looking for a hair loss clinic in Coventry can easily access our superior quality hair transplant and micro scalp pigmentation services.

Vinci Hair Clinics is a renown group of hair restoration clinics with over 30 locations worldwide.  We are hair loss specialists treating conditions such as male pattern baldness, hair thinning, alopecia and scar coverage. Our pioneering techniques include scalp micropigmentation, FUE and FUE hair transplants and eyebrow transplants.

If you are searching for a free hair restoration consultation in Coventry or hair loss treatment in Coventry, you will find Vinci Birmingham to be the most convenient hair clinic. Our hair restoration centre in Birmingham is centrally located and easily accessible by public and private transport. Clients coming to Birmingham Vinci Hair Clinic from Coventry find that the journey takes about 20 – 30 minutes by train or car.

If you live in Coventry and have hair loss concerns, we encourage you to book your free, no-obligation hair restoration consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic in Birmingham. Vinci’s hair loss experts will analyse your condition to determine the most suitable treatments, and offer advice on hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation and the costs associated with these procedures.

To arrange your hair loss consultation in Birmingham, call Vinci Hair Clinic on 020 300 494 84 or complete our online contact form. Take the first step on your hair restoration journey today.