Vinci Hair Clinics Brighton

Which is the best scalp and hair clinic in Brighton?

Where can I find a private hair loss clinic in Brighton?

What hair loss treatments are suitable for me and how can I find out about hair transplant costs in Brighton?


These are some common questions that Vinci Hair Clinic receives from hair loss sufferers in Brighton. If you live in Brighton and are looking for advice from a Brighton hair loss specialist, or for hair restoration treatments such as scalp micro pigmentation and hair transplants, Vinci Hair Clinic can help.

Vinci Hair Clinics are international hair loss specialists and are proud to offer a wider range of hair restoration procedures than any other clinic. We do not have a Brighton hair loss treatment centre, however our London hair clinics are within easy reach. At our hair clinics in London, we offer the confidential and free hair loss consultations to all of our clients. We are thrilled that our Brighton hair loss clients can access our full range of services in London and have received excellent reviews from those who have already attended our hair clinics.

A hair loss consultation at one of our Vinci Hair Clinics in London allows our experienced hair restoration team to evaluate your condition and suggest appropriate treatments.  We have successfully treated thousands of clients with baldness, hair thinning, scarring to the scalp and alopecia. Clients coming from Brighton for a hair transplant are usually treated in our prestigious private hair loss clinic on Harley Street, while Wigmore Street is our centre for scalp micro pigmentation in London. All of our hair loss procedures are tailored to meet individual client needs and expectations, and provide excellent, natural results.

If you live in Brighton and would like to arrange your free and no-obligation hair restoration consultation in London, please call Vinci Hair Clinic on 020 300 494 84 or complete our online contact form.