Vinci Hair Clinics Onitsha

Since we have expanded our worldwide network of hair loss clinics to include Nigeria, Vinci Hair Clinic have received many queries from men and women looking for hair restoration centres in Onitsha.


Common questions from people seeking hair loss experts in Onitsha include “Which is the best hair loss specialist in Onitsha?”, “Where can I get hair restoration surgery in Onitsha?” and “How can I find out about scalp micropigmentation (SMP) and hair transplantation costs in Onitsha, Nigeria?” If you are looking for answers about hair restoration treatment and hair loss centres in Onitsha, Vinci Hair Clinic can help.

Until 2014, hair loss sufferers from Onitsha and throughout Nigeria had to travel to Vinci Hair Clinic centres in Europe or the USA to benefit from hair restoration treatments such as micro scalp pigmentation (hair tattoo) or hair transplants. With the opening of Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos, our superior hair loss treatments are more readily available than ever and easily accessible to anyone looking for hair loss specialists in Ontisha.

Vinci Hair Clinics have years of experience and a strong reputation as leaders in the treatment of male pattern baldness, alopecia, scarring to the scalp from previous hair transplants and patches caused by harsh styling. Our specially developed techniques combine medical and aesthetic skill for amazing natural looking results. Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos have already treated many Onitsha hair loss sufferers, who are now enjoying the confidence-boosting effects of scalp micropigmentation or hair transplants on their appearance.

For anyone seeking advice on hair restoration treatment in Onitsha, a consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos is a perfect opportunity to learn everything you need to know about scalp pigmentation, hair transplants and other procedures. Your Vinci Hair Clinic consultant will evaluate your hair loss condition and develop a personalised hair restoration treatment plan according to your needs.


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