Vinci Hair Clinics Kaduna

Vinci Hair Clinic often receives queries such as “Where can I find a hair loss specialist in Kaduna?”, “Which is the best hair restoration centre in Kaduna?” and “Where can I get scalp micropigmentation in Kaduna?”. If you are based in Kaduna and have hair loss concerns, it is likely that you have similar questions to these.

Vinci Hair Clinic do not have a hair loss clinic in Kaduna, Nigeria, however we are happy to inform you that our nearest hair restoration centre to Kaduna is in Lagos. Hair loss clients from Kaduna find that Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos is a very convenient option with good transport connections including regular flights of just 1 hour 20 minutes in duration.


For those seeking the highest quality hair loss treatment in Kaduna, Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos is the best choice. Vinci Hair Clinic is a worldwide network of clinics dedicated to the treatment of hair loss and are recognised as leaders in the industry. We have already successfully treated many men and women from Kaduna with conditions including male pattern balding, receding hair line, patches caused by excessive styling, alopecia and scars from previous hair transplants. Our results are phenomenal and Kaduna hair loss sufferers attending our Lagos hair clinic have been extremely satisfied by the positive outcome of their treatment.

Vinci Hair Clinic welcome anyone from Kaduna who would like to learn more about their hair restoration options to join us for a free and no obligation consultation. Our private consultations are the perfect opportunity to learn about scalp micropigmentation, hair transplants and other treatments, and discover how we can help to transform your appearance.


If you are looking for a hair clinic in Kaduna and want expert hair loss advice, take that first step and book your free consultation today. Call our friendly team on +234 01 212 2453 or complete our online contact form for more information.