Vinci Hair Clinics Ibadan

Which is the best hair restoration doctor in Ibadan?

Where can I get advice from hair loss experts near Ibadan, Nigeria?

Is there a Vinci Hair Clinic in Ibadan?


Vinci Hair Clinic receives many queries like the ones above from men and women who are looking for hair loss specialists in Ibadan. As leaders in state of the art hair restoration techniques with an international network of clinics, we are proud to announce that our services are now available to clients in Nigeria.

Vinci Hair Clinic are hair loss specialists offering a wide range of treatment options for conditions including alopecia, male pattern balding, scars from old hair transplants and damage caused by harsh styling. In the past, people looking for hair restoration surgery in Ibadan have had to travel overseas for treatment. With the expansion of Vinci Hair Clinic into Nigeria, hair loss sufferers in Ibadan and other regions can now have treatment at our hair restoration centre in Lagos.

For those seeking advice from hair loss specialists in Ibadan, Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos offers a convenient and accessible option. Ibadan hair loss clinic clients find that it takes around 2 hours to drive between the cities. Our Lagos hair restoration centre is well-equipped and staffed by a skilled team who can offer advice on our full range of treatments.

The first step in your journey to hair restoration is a free and fully confidential consultation with the Vinci Hair Clinic team. Taking into account your hair loss condition and goals for hair restoration, your Vinci expert will develop a personalised treatment plan. Experience has proved to us that this is the best way to get natural looking results, and many of our Ibadan hair clinic clients are already enjoying the benefits of our treatments.

To book your hair restoration consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos, call us on +234 01 212 2453 or complete our online contact form.