Vinci Hair Clinics Enugu

Where can I find a hair loss specialist in Enugu, Nigeria?

Which hair restoration clinic in Enugu has the best reviews?

Is it possible to get hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation in Enugu?


Vinci Hair Clinic regularly receives queries like the ones above from men and women looking for expert hair loss advice in Enugu. Since extending our international network of hair restoration clinics into Nigeria, a growing number of people have contacting us wanting to know more about our solutions for hair loss problems including balding, alopecia, patchiness caused by styling damage and scars on the scalp from old hair transplants.

In the past, those seeking advice or treatment from a hair loss doctor in Enugu or Nigeria had to travel to the USA or Europe. Now that Vinci Hair Clinic have established a hair restoration center in Nigeria, Enugu hair loss treatment clients can receive high quality care at our clinic in Lagos. Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos is run by a skilled team of consultants and technicians, and meets the superior standards set in our clinics throughout the world. Many hair loss sufferers from Enugu are already enjoying the natural looking and confidence boosting results of our procedures.

If you are considering hair restoration surgery in Enugu or want to know more about procedures like micro scalp pigmentation and hair transplant, we welcome you to join us at Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos for a free and no-obligation consultation. During your consultation, we will examine your hair loss condition and recommend the most suitable treatments, personalised according to your needs and hair restoration goals.


To book your private hair loss consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic, call us on +234 01 212 2453 or complete our online contact form. We look forward to being by your side through every stage of your hair restoration journey.