Vinci Hair Clinics Abeokuta

Where can I find a hair loss clinic in or near Abeokuta, Nigeria?

What are my options for hair restoration surgery in Abeokuta?

How can I find out about hair transplantation costs and scalp micropigmentation in Abeokuta?


Vinci Hair Clinic regularly receive queries like these from men and women who are looking for advice and treatment at a hair restoration centre in Abeokuta. Finding the right hair loss specialist in Abeokuta can be a difficult task and it is not surprising that people have so many questions about which is the best hair clinic in Abeokuta to attend.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we take your hair loss as seriously as you do, and are dedicated to finding personalised hair restoration solutions for every client. For those seeking a hair loss specialist in Abeokuta, we suggest Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.

For many years, Abeokuta hair loss sufferers, as well as those from the rest of Nigeria, had to travel overseas for hair restoration treatments such as scalp pigmentation (SMP), and FUT or FUE hair transplants. Vinci Hair Clinic’s recently opened hair restoration centre in Lagos, Nigeria has made our services much more accessible. Those seeking a hair loss clinic in Abeokuta will find Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos to be very convenient at just 90 minutes drive away.

Combining years of experience with clinical excellence and the highest aesthetic standards, Vinci Hair Clinic offers clients the most realistic and effective hair loss treatments available. We have already successfully treated many Abeokuta hair loss sufferers, with conditions including male pattern baldness, scars on the scalp from old hair transplants, damage from excessive styling and alopecia.

The best way to find answers to all of your questions about hair restoration clinics in Abeokuta, hair transplants and micro scalp pigmentation is to attend a free and no-obligation consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Lagos. Your Vinci consultant will analyse your condition and tailor a hair loss treatment plan specifically suited to your needs.


To book your hair restoration consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos, call us on +234 01 212 2453 or complete our online contact form.