Vinci Hair Clinics Curitiba

Until recently, men and women with worries about hair loss in Curitiba had to travel outside of Brazil for hair restoration treatment. Vinci Hair Clinic are delighted to announce that it is now possible for those who are seeking a hair loss specialist in Curitiba can now access our expert services without leaving the city.

Hair Loss Clinic in Curitiba

Vinci Hair Clinic Curitiba is one of the latest additions to our worldwide network of hair loss clinics. Located within the Evolution Tower, our Curitiba hair restoration clinic is a convenient option and easily accessible for anyone living in the city or the State of Parana. Our welcoming and private hair loss clinic in Curitiba is the idea place to get answers to all your questions about hair restoration, scalp micropigmentation and hair transplants.


SMP Scalp Micropigmentation in Curitiba, Brazil

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we are proud to be the only medical hair clinic in Brazil to offer SMP scalp micropigmentation. Scalp pigmentation has been specially developed by Vinci Hair Clinic experts to allow us to disguise areas of hair loss with outstanding, realistic looking results.

As well as micro scalp pigmentation, Vinci Hair Clinic also offer a range of other hair restoration options. Curitiba hair loss sufferers can benefit from a choice of state of the art services including FUE hair transplants, medicinal treatments and other non-surgical alternatives.

If you have been considering hair restoration treatment, we welcome you to join us at Vinci Hair Clinic Curitiba for a free and fully confidential consultation. We offer a full evaluation of your hair loss, as well as personalised hair restoration advice. Whether you have concerns about alopecia, male pattern balding, receding hairline or scars on the scalp from previous hair transplants, our Curitiba hair loss team can help you decide which treatment is most suited to your needs.

To arrange your no-obligation consultation at our hair loss clinic in Curitiba, call Vinci Hair Clinic today on (11) 41 91 9382 or complete our online contact form.

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